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Make Your Bed

  Ample make this Bed - Make this Bed with Awe - In it wait till Judgment break Excellent and Fair. Be it Mattress straight - Be it Pillow round - Let no Sunrise’ yellow noise Interrupt this Ground -  Emily Dickinson # 289 In David Preest’s website he said, “Emily herself titled a copy of this poem ‘Country Burial.’ The mourners are to make the spacious bed of this grave ‘with Awe,’ because in it the dead man awaits the day of Judgment.”  This description of the poem made me see it completely differently than what I was thinking when I first read it. I couldn’t help but gravitate to this poem, seeing that I now make multiple beds on a daily basis.  I make beds as part of my profession and take great pride in a good crease. To me a well-made bed stood for good discipline, like a soldier making the perfect bed, and because of that good discipline, you will be judged “Excellent and Fair.” The thing is, usually it's the unmade beds that show, this p


To try to speak, and miss the way                  And ask it of the Tears, Is Gratitude’s sweet poverty, The Tatters that he wears - A better Coat if he possessed Would help him to conceal, Not subjugate, the Mutineer Whose title is “The Soul” Description, "The Soul" is a wild beast, a  "Mutineer," who goes out and lets loose, and the better he gets at something, the wilder it becomes, making a soccer goal, winning a boxing match, creating an amazing poem, creating an amazing piece to go with it.  But as cocky as these famous athletes and artists can be, they are not without extreme gratitude for the people and Gods that helped them to get to where they are.  Muhammad Ali always thanked "Allah" after his fights. The funny thing is, these very confident people who are extremely grateful, must also be extremely humble, because it takes being humble to be grateful. Gra


None who saw it ever told it ‘Tis as hid as Death Had for that specific treasure A departing breath- Surfaces may be invested Did the Diamond grow General as the Dandelion Would you serve it so? Description, I remember my photography professor, Kok Young, always saying, “You don’t need to go anywhere to do good art.”  Inspiration and art is all around you if you seek it. The extraordinary is in the everyday, it just takes a closer look. When I open my studio doors, I can see a garbage can and weeds, or I can see a weed with its many complex and beautiful lines. It is just a matter of shifting your focus so you become always eternally grateful. “Serve“ the everyday with extreme observation and appreciation, and you will see an everyday weed turn into sparklers and fireworks, on the 4th of July, right before your very eyes. Everything and every moment is a “treasure”  and should be treated so.