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"That it will never come again"

  That it will never come again Is what makes life so sweet. Believing what we don't believe Does not exhilarate. That if it be, it be at best An ablative estate - This instigates an appetite Precisely opposite.                            Emily Dickinson #1741TJ Description,     This poem reminds me of two things; One, the movie, The Polar Express, where the boy had to Believe in Santa in order to hear the sleigh bell ring. Two, the Buddha's philosophy that everything is Temporary - which is the "ablative estate-" the Gingerbread house.  Which, "instigates an appetite/ Precisely opposite." making us want everything the same, permanent, and never changing. But we must remain fluid and BELIEVE life is sweet. To quote the Buddha, “All conditioned things are impermanent — when one sees this with wisdom, one turns away from suffering.”

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