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Description and Video for poem #305

  The difference between Despair And Fear - is like the One Between the instant of a Wreck - And when the Wreck has been - The Mind is smooth - no Motion - Contented as the Eye Upon the Forehead of a Bust - That knows - it cannot see -                                                       Emily Dickinson #305 Description, A "Wreck" is an event that happens instantly, "I do", boom you're married, it is the “Fear” and excitement of the unknown. Then 17 years later with two kids, no matter how good of a person you are, you will have dealt with “Despair,” because along with living and loving, comes despair and suffering. The excitement and fear of a new job you thought would solve all of  your problems, only to find out your problems still exist but now you have a job on top of your problems/despair.   This poem is saying, do not think something, someone, or some event is going to solve all your problems.  Marriage, kids, job, bigger house, fancy car, none of it is

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