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Earth is Heaven

The Fact that Earth is Heaven - Whether Heaven is Heaven or not If not an Affidavit Of that specific Spot Not only must confirm us That it is not for us But that it would affront us  To dwell in such a place - Emily Dickinson #1408 Description, This poem does not say “there is no Heaven” it is saying quite the opposite, “That Earth is Heaven.” I transformed an icon my parents brought back from Italy to reflect this poem. Instead of Jesus looking straight ahead, I tilted his head up to look at the Crazy Daisy in the sky, I replaced Jesus’s halo with the earth and put his halo on the Daisy. And, like Jesus being crucified with two other men on either side of him this Crazy Daisy has two crucified trees on either side of it. The Earth is Heaven, it is perfect, and we are killing it, just like we did Jesus. As we torture and suffocate our Earth with plastic and concrete, I can only imagine this Daisy saying as did Jesus “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34.