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Video and Description for poem #130

  These are the days when Birds come back - A very few - a Bird or two - To take a backward look. These are the days when skies resume The old - old sophistries of June - A blue and gold mistake. Oh fraud that cannot cheat the Bee - Almost thy plausibility Induces my belief. Till ranks of seeds their witness bear - And softly thro’ the altered air Hurries a timid leaf. Oh Sacrament of summer days, Oh Last Communion in the Haze - Permit a child to join. Thy sacred emblems to partake - Thy consecrated bread to take And thine immortal wine! Emily Dickinson #130 Description, Greg Mattingly, in “Emily Dickinson as a Second Language Demystifying the Poetry”, describes this poem as, “moves us from high summer to a later time of year. A period of unseasonably warm, balmy weather can occur in the autumn in New England, as well as in some other parts of the Northern State sometimes called “Indian Summer”.             I started working on the image for this poem in September just after su