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Earth is Heaven

The Fact that Earth is Heaven - Whether Heaven is Heaven or not If not an Affidavit Of that specific Spot Not only must confirm us That it is not for us But that it would affront us  To dwell in such a place - Emily Dickinson #1408 Description, This poem does not say “there is no Heaven” it is saying quite the opposite, “That Earth is Heaven.” I transformed an icon my parents brought back from Italy to reflect this poem. Instead of Jesus looking straight ahead, I tilted his head up to look at the Crazy Daisy in the sky, I replaced Jesus’s halo with the earth and put his halo on the Daisy. And, like Jesus being crucified with two other men on either side of him this Crazy Daisy has two crucified trees on either side of it. The Earth is Heaven, it is perfect, and we are killing it, just like we did Jesus. As we torture and suffocate our Earth with plastic and concrete, I can only imagine this Daisy saying as did Jesus “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34.


Emily Dickinson Her Poetry .  Encompasses time, the seasons, nature, life, death, land, air, water, feeling, god, and faith.  I would go as far as saying to me reading her poetry is similar to reading the bible.  It takes me out of myself to a greater understanding of life beyond.  A greater life that is in this one and the next.      I can analyse it and interpret it like I do the bible.  But to me being a woman it is better than reading the bible.  She was a very strong woman and her not converting to her puritan religion is significant to me.  The Bible and Christianity is very patriarchal.  Worshipping Christ who is a man is completely ignoring or negating half of humanity.  To me Christ is a teacher for the people of earth, both woman and man, but I don't think Christ is the only teacher the only one who can lead us to God.  We need to look at others as teachers.   The bible is completely missing a woman's teachings on God.  I am not worshipping Emily Dickinson as

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 Heaven is so far of the Mind That were the Mind dissolved - The Site - of it - by Architect Could not again be proved - 'Tis vast - as our Capacity - As fair - as our idea - To Him of adequate desire No further 'tis, than Here - Description This poem is about seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.  Is it a simple leaf or a magnificent butterfly?  To the human "Mind", the "Architect", a leaf is just a leaf, nothing else is proven otherwise. It is the simple pleasures in life that bring us bliss.  Heaven is here, "To Him of adequate desire/ No further 'tis, than Here -".  For me it is waking up in the morning with a cup of coffee, sitting on the couch by the window, reading Emily Dickinson, and playing on my Ipad.   If the simple things in life give you pleasure than you can turn that dry leaf into a magnificent butterfly and it doesn't matter if has been proven or not.  Because if it is in, &q

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One Blessing had I than the rest So larger to my Eyes That I stopped gauging - satisfied- For this enchanted size - It was the limit of my Dream - The focus of my Prayer - A perfect - paralyzing Bliss - Contented as Despair - I knew no more of Want - or Cold - Phantasms both become For this new Value in the Soul - Supremest Earthly Sum - The Heaven below the Heaven above - Obscured with ruddier Blue - Life's Latitudes leant over - full - The Judgment perished - too - Why Bliss so scantily disbursed  - Why Paradise defer - Why Floods be served to Us - in Bowls - I speculate no more - Description I studied this poem at the Chautauqua Institute in New York, it is a cultural, theoligical, art, retreat. I was sitting in their beautiful outdoor ampitheatre for a church service, when I heard a different version of the hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!”. Instead of the words, “The Father, and The Son, and The Holy Spir