Emily Dickinson

Her Poetry.  Encompasses time, the seasons, nature, life, death, land, air, water, feeling, god, and faith.  I would go as far as saying to me reading her poetry is similar to reading the bible.  It takes me out of myself to a greater understanding of life beyond.  A greater life that is in this one and the next.
     I can analyse it and interpret it like I do the bible.  But to me being a woman it is better than reading the bible.  She was a very strong woman and her not converting to her puritan religion is significant to me.  The Bible and Christianity is very patriarchal.  Worshipping Christ who is a man is completely ignoring or negating half of humanity.  To me Christ is a teacher for the people of earth, both woman and man, but I don't think Christ is the only teacher the only one who can lead us to God.  We need to look at others as teachers.   The bible is completely missing a woman's teachings on God.  I am not worshipping Emily Dickinson as God but through her poetry I can discover a God from a woman's perspective.  FINALLY!

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