Image and Description for #370

 Heaven is so far of the Mind
That were the Mind dissolved -
The Site - of it - by Architect
Could not again be proved -

'Tis vast - as our Capacity -
As fair - as our idea -
To Him of adequate desire
No further 'tis, than Here -


This poem is about seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.  Is it a simple leaf or a magnificent butterfly?  To the human "Mind", the "Architect", a leaf is just a leaf, nothing else is proven otherwise.

It is the simple pleasures in life that bring us bliss.  Heaven is here, "To Him of adequate desire/ No further 'tis, than Here -".  For me it is waking up in the morning with a cup of coffee, sitting on the couch by the window, reading Emily Dickinson, and playing on my Ipad.
If the simple things in life give you pleasure than you can turn that dry leaf into a magnificent butterfly and it doesn't matter if has been proven or not.  Because if it is in, "our Capacity", and "our idea", then we can make it happen.


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