To try to speak, and miss the way                 
And ask it of the Tears,
Is Gratitude’s sweet poverty,
The Tatters that he wears -

A better Coat if he possessed
Would help him to conceal,
Not subjugate, the Mutineer
Whose title is “The Soul”


"The Soul" is a wild beast, a  "Mutineer," who goes out and lets loose, and the better he gets at something, the wilder it becomes, making a soccer goal, winning a boxing match, creating an amazing poem, creating an amazing piece to go with it.  But as cocky as these famous athletes and artists can be, they are not without extreme gratitude for the people and Gods that helped them to get to where they are.  Muhammad Ali always thanked "Allah" after his fights.

The funny thing is, these very confident people who are extremely grateful, must also be extremely humble, because it takes being humble to be grateful. Gratitude keeps "The Soul" in check it "subjugates" the "Mutineer."  Gratitude is in the "Tattered Coat" it is in the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to get somewhere great!

The teapot and paper white buds depicted in this picture were given to me by my very good friends, to which I am super grateful for their friendship. The teapot was actually my friend's mother's who I am also super grateful for.  Her mother lived with my friend for a brief time, and I had the pleasure of being able to spend mornings with her mother. Her gratitude and love for life was infectious and I enjoyed every minute of our time together.

I want to use this piece to express my gratitude to all who have helped me be who I am today, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend, and an artist.  I want to thank my Mom and Dad who I credit for my love of art and words, my Brother for our constant banter which made dealing with everybody else in life a breeze, my Husband who is such a great Father and partner in life, my Kids who are always showing me what it is to live, my Dog for her unconditional love, my Doctors who helped me get through life alive, my Teachers who put up with me, my Friends, religion and science, technology and nature,  the Cat that owns me, and Wabi Sabi,


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