None who saw it ever told it

‘Tis as hid as Death

Had for that specific treasure

A departing breath-

Surfaces may be invested

Did the Diamond grow

General as the Dandelion

Would you serve it so?


I remember my photography professor, Kok Young, always saying, “You don’t need to go anywhere to do good art.”  Inspiration and art is all around you if you seek it. The extraordinary is in the everyday, it just takes a closer look.

When I open my studio doors, I can see a garbage can and weeds, or I can see a weed with its many complex and beautiful lines. It is just a matter of shifting your focus so you become always eternally grateful. “Serve“ the everyday with extreme observation and appreciation, and you will see an everyday weed turn into sparklers and fireworks, on the 4th of July, right before your very eyes. Everything and every moment is a “treasure”  and should be treated so.

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