When Your Soul Is More Entertaining than TV


To own the art within the Soul

The Soul to entertain

With Silence as a Company

And Festival maintain

Is an unfurnished Circumstance

Possession is to One

As an Estate perpetual

Or a reduceless Mine.

Emily Dickinson #855


I chose this poem because we are all being self quarantined due to the Corona Virus right now. We have all been stripped of any planned gatherings, some of us from jobs, children’s events, and even the malls are closed. Essentially we are all left with just ourselves and immediate family to keep us company. But if it is only your Soul that you rely on for company and entertainment then you will never be bored, you will always have a “festival to maintain,” an ever flowing gold “Mine/ an Estate perpetual” or to put it into today’s terms —— a TV in your brain, the best show on Netflix that never stops running, show after show after show. It is when, your soul and living, become more entertaining than anything material or than anything on Netflix. When you “own the art within your Soul” no matter where you are or what situation you are in, your mind and soul, are set free to fly, wherever they choose to go.

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