King of Repose

 How soft this Prison is 

How sweet these sullen bars

No Despot but the King of Down

Invented this repose

Of Fate if this is All

Has he no added Realm

A Dungeon but a Kinsman is

Incarceration - Home.

Emily Dickinson #1334

“An Alley Cat Finds A Home”

The two words, “King” and “Repose,” made me instantly think of this Cat, who in every pose he strikes, resembles that of a fat King.  Home is where an Alley Cat finds food and comfort, (you can see this cat, who we call, Mr. Kittles, owns multiple homes) but then it can become his incarceration.

Due to the Corona Virus we are all being quarantined, and our homes are feeling more like an incarceration.  So why not make our homes “sweet” and “soft” like cotton candy and candy canes?  The trick is, not to let your fellow man/woman or “Kinsman” make you feel like your sweet home is a “Dungeon”.  In other words, put up your positive shield, ignore any slander or negativity, and stay focused on your Candy! Here is a nice Youtube hypnosis on Positivity

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