Best Moments

Did Our Best Moment last -
‘Twould supersede the Heaven -
A few - and they by Risk - procure-
So this Sort - are not given

Except as stimulants - in Cases of Despair -
Or Stupor - The Reserve -
These Heavenly moments are -

A Grant of the Divine -
That Certain as it Comes -
Withdraws - and leaves the dazzled Soul
In her unfurnished Rooms -


So I renovated the inside of my shed over the summer, laid down wall to wall carpet and bought a really nice recliner armchair. So one overcast rainy afternoon, I am sitting out in my shed in my chair and reading, I look out the window (which really isn’t behind me, it’s on the other wall) and there is a rainbow, a "Heavenly moment" a "Grant of the Divine-." If you can recognize these moments, they absolutely do dazzle the soul. I envy anyone who can live for a prolonged time in these moments, before being dropped off into an "unfurnished" room, or what I sometimes cynically call, "Life."

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