Reverse cannot befall
That fine Prosperity
Whose Sources are interior -
As soon - Adversity

A Diamond - overtake
In far - Bolivian Ground -
Misfortune hath no implement
Could mar it - if it found -


I couldn’t help but think of this poem when listening to, Esther (Abraham) Hicks, talk about being in the Vortex  https://youtu.be/ML4WaQZD1Ms. My friend Amanda, depicted here, introduced me to her years ago but I just now started listening to her YouTube videos.  She talks about going about your day completely immersed in your Vortex, and that is how it should be. These are the “interior sources” that represent “fine prosperity” that nothing can “befall." This also goes along with Plato’s https://philosiblog.com/2012/03/12/to-be-conquered-by-yourself-is-of-all-things-most-shameful-and-vile/ theory, “The first and best victory is to conquer self. To be conquered by self is, of all things, the most shameful and vile."

Amanda is working on her novel down the alley from me in her garage, the diamond is her shield, her vortex.  But then how do you explain, “As soon - Adversity-“ this totally contradicts “Reverse cannot befall”. This is the irony of life, always contradicting itself.  Pulling a diamond out of the ground to chop it up and sell it. I find it easy to live in a Vortex until my husband starts talking to me about the bills and housework, that is my “Adversity.”  But I think Abraham would say, it’s simply a matter of shifting your perspective seeing your life from another angle, another land “Bolivian Ground,” https://www.wendyperrin.com/?destination=bolivia-insiders-guide-salt-flats-just-beginning to see that it all fits in the Vortex/Diamond of life.

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