I think to Live - may be a Bliss
To those who dare to try -
Beyond my limit - to conceive -
My lip - to testify -

I think the Heart I former wore
Could widen - till to me
The Other, like the little Bank
Appear - unto the Sea -

I think the Days - could every one
In Ordinatioin Stand -
And Majesty - be easier -
Than an inferior kind -

No numb alarm - lest Difference come -
No Goblin - on the Bloom -
No start in Apprehension’s Ear,
No Bankruptcy - no Doom -

But Certainties of Sun -
Midsummer - in the Mind -
A steadfast South - upon the Soul -
Her Polar time - behind -

The Vision - pondering long -
So plausible  becomes
That I esteem the fiction - real -
The Real - fictitious seems -

How bountiful the Dream -
What Plenty - it would be
Had all my Life but been Mistake
Just rectified - in Thee

When I talked to a recruiter for being qualified for a Life Coach, she made me feel exactly like this poem. That there will be bountiful days ahead, “No numb alarm”, I will wake up in a “Midsummer” mind. That all along I have had the wrong mind set when it comes to being a success, and with the help of a coach my mindset will be “rectified”. Maybe money really does grow on trees.

So I delved deep into my mindset regarding money and thinking about this poem for my image. When I looked at the currency I grew up with and continue to use to this day, it hit me, I knew exactly where my mindset had gone wrong. Although I always love receiving money and buying things, when I studied the paper bill in my hand, I saw white man’s greed. Money, does it really lead to bettering our planet and our lives, or does it just make the rich richer?

To change my mindset I had to change the bill, it made me utterly angry, so my first thought was to pierce it and get that white guy out of there. My pen was the perfect tool to pierce that bill and make the change that needed to happen.

Through this piece I am learning to see money more as a tool for good! A currency to improve our earth and the dirt we trust our feet to walk on.

Abundance is a state of mind, it is when the days, “In Ordination Stand” and I wake up early to get out to my studio which is a,”Shed in the Alley”, but when I am in there it is a CASTLE.

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