Image and Description for “My Soul”

My Soul - accused Me - And I quailed -
As Tongues of Diamond had reviled
All Else accused Me - and I smiled -
My Soul - that Morning - was My friend -

Her favor - is the best Disdain
Toward Artifice of Time - or Men -
But Her Disdain - ‘twere lighter bear 
A finger of Enameled Fire - 


This poem couldn’t have gone more perfectly with the book I had just read, “Active Meditation”, recommended to me by my very dear counselor, Daphne Luster.  “Active Meditation”,  is about reaching your higher self at all times, not just in a service or in a meditation, but all times throughout the day.  A guru, a minister, a doctor, or a counselor, can help guide you in the right direction, but they are not necesssary, and it is better if you are able, to reach your higher being, higher self, or higher soul, on your own, at all times. If you cannot love and respect your higher being it will feel like the world has turned against you, “My Soul - accused Me - And I quailed-.” And every word out of your mouth or others will be abusive, “As Tongues of Diamond had reviled”.  But as long as you make peace with yourself and your soul is your best friend “All Else” can accuse you, but you will be smiling, knowing “Her favor - is the best Desdain/ Toward Artifice of Time - or Men-.”  And know, the ones who point, “A finger of Enameled Fire” are really the ones to blame. wrote, "For I saw no wrath except on man's side, and He forgives that in us, for wrath is nothing else but a perversity and an opposition to peace and to love." Gain favor with your soul, and I leave you with a quote from, “Daily Readings with Julian of Norwich, ‘Have faith, and have trust, and at the last day you shall see it all transformed into great joy.”

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