"The fascinating chill that Music leaves" #1480

The fascinating chill that Music leaves
Is Earth's corroboration
Of Ectasy's impediment -
'Tis Rapture's germination
In timid and tumultuous soil
A fine - estranging creature -
To something upper wooing us
But not to our Creator --


I first started studying this poem in the summer while I was at the Chautauqua Institution.  They have their own Orchestra, and every evening there is a concert in the outdoor amphitheater. This amphitheater contains one of the largest outdoor organs in the world, so whenever the organist, Jared Jacobsen, plays Widor's, "Toccata from Symphony No. 5", I feel, "The fascinating chill" of music. While thinking about this poem with camera in hand, I came across some daisies and an, "estranging creature", the bluest looking dragonfly I had ever seen.

When studying this poem, you believe it is about, what you feel when you hear, "The fascinating chill that Music leaves", you believe it is about, what you feel when, "something upper wooing us".  Then there is a drastic turn in the poem, suddenly it is not about you or us or even, "our Creator--".  Our Creator, is not just, "our Creator--" .  Seeking a higher self leads to a discovery outside yourself, knowing the world is bigger than just you.  It is a place of awareness and knowing that all "estranging"creatures have a "Creator" and deserve to be free of the destructive behavior of humans. It is place where human actions are set forth to liberate and care for all wild animals, nature, or any "fine - estranging creature-" you come upon.


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