The Perfect Harmony of Love, Image and Description for poem #34

Garlands for Queens may be –
Laurels – for rare degree
Of soul or sword
Ah – but remembering me –
Ah – but remembering thee –
Nature in chivalry –
Nature in charity –
Nature in equity –
The Rose ordained!


This is the year for love, I have had a cousin, and two nieces proposed to in one year.  It was on a trip, and I was away from my husband who I have been married to for 12 years, that I began to look at this poem as a love poem.  I find getting away, to reflect, a very useful tool to appreciate what you have in a new way.  When being married for a period of time it is easy to take each other for granted.  Emily Dickinson did have love relationships, but there is a theory because she had epilepsy was unable to marry.  What ever the reason she did not marry, the rose in this poem symbolizes a ring, the sacrament of love.  Love (“The Rose”), and the perfect natural harmony (“Nature”) of what we have is more powerful than any royalty.


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