Image, Description, and audio for poem #883


The Poets light but Lamps -
Themselves - go out -
The Wicks they stimulate -
If vital Light

Inhere as do the Suns -
Each Age a Lens
Disseminating their
Circumference -


This piece was made in the summer, it is a combination of many different things.  The sunset picture was taken on our road trip with the boys.  One of our stops was the Zippo Lighter museum,  of which I actually let my boys 8 and 10 get their own Zippo lighter, fighting with them the rest of the way to stop lighting it in the car.  But how perfect I thought this poem, "The Wicks they stimulate", went with the classic, Zippo lighter.  Also in this piece is the reflection of my studio's windows through the lens of my new camera.  I was definitely lit up with all the possibilities of a new studio.  But just as quickly as I am lit up,the flame goes out, when the lady I leased the studio from, tells me she's moving out, and I need to as well.  Darkness hits, but the sun will rise again, and shed light on all that matters.  With the money I was paying in rent, and help from my parents, I now have a new IPad Pro to do my art on.  As technology advances so do our children, "Disseminating their Circumference".   


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