Image and Description for Poem #155

The Murmur of a Bee
A Witchcraft – yieldeth me –
If any ask me why –

‘Twere easier to die –
Than tell –

The Red upon the Hill
Taketh away my will –
If anybody sneer –
Take care – for God is here –
That’s all.

The Breaking of the Day
Addeth to my Degree –
If any ask me how –
Artist – who drew me so –
Must tell!


In a moment of awe, trapped, in a rapturous way, by the beauty of something outside your self. For Emily, it was a fascination with a bee or the sun, “The Red Upon the Hill”. For me it was the Japanese Maple, in full flaming red glory out side my window that held me captive, so still, an artist could draw me. Go ahead and “sneer” if you will at our stillness. Stillness, that takes us away from everything, everything that is but God.

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