To my Dear Blogging Fans,

The end of summer is fast approaching, soon the kids will be in school, and we will be able to spend more time together.  I have been completely lost in the joys of my adventures. Venturing into a deeper understanding of Emily Dickinson and her poetry along side my trips to Chicago, Chautauqua Institute, and other happenings.

As you can see in the eyes of the best ballet dancer, they are lost.  Lost in the enjoyment and love of their dance, giving the audience an ability to find themselves in that dance.

The best compliment I have received, while photographing for the "Emily Dickinson Art Bio Blog", was when a Lady in Chautauqua asked me, "Are You Lost?"

Thank You, I cannot wait to share with you my finished Emily Dickinson Images.
In the mean time here are some photos from my travels.


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