Coming soon

I am so sorry to all my many many wonderful blogger fans for the delay in my next post.  But don't fret it will be coming soon.  My work is very personal, and each piece is related not only to Emily Dickinson poetry, but also to events in my life.  The photos compiled in each piece are the things I see currently in my life that connect me to her poetry which was created over 150 years ago.  It is a beauty and a wonder how art/music/writing surpasses time.

In my piece for "Poem #41" the hemlock and oak tree photos were taken on my walk through Bernheim Nature Perserve with my family on Mothers Day.

Now for the next piece which I know you are all anxiously awaiting, it comes from a camping trip I took with my family and Brother-in-law on the Rolling Fork river in Lebanon KY.  It will be related to "Poem #74".  I will try to get it to you in the midst of chasing two very active boys on summer vacation.


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